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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Vanessa. I am a Literary Manager at The Authors Care Agency Ltd. I know most people are used to the word 'agent', but I prefer 'manager', as I feel it is more fitting to what I do.

My authors include the talented USA Today bestselling Parker J. Cole who writes historical fiction for Mills and Boon Harlequin Historical, and a variety of books. Successful musician, and former X Factor finalist Lloyd Wade, and Marie Gludd, who writes everyday life short stories. The list will continue to grow.

I occasionally write for multi-awarding winning Keep The Faith Magazine.

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My Story

As a child I always had a love for literature. I used to be called teacher's pet, in my English class as I regularly got the super student stamp for my stories, this all seems so long ago now, lol! 


Did I always want to be a Literary Manager? The answer to that is no. In fact I went ahead and got a degree in journalism. At the time I was adamant this was the career I wanted to pursue. I realised it was not for me, and I worked in public relations for a while, which I did enjoy but I still had that love for the publishing industry, and was going to pursue a career as an editor at a publishing house. Well that did not happen, though I did do some work experience as an editor's assistant for a publishing company, I was redirected to being a Literary Manager, and The Authors Care Agency Ltd was born.


I thank God for the redirection because if that did not happen, I most likely would not have met or represent the great authors that I have, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out.


I know most will find the word 'care' unusual for a literary agency, however this agency does value, and care about the authors. Without the authors agents would not be in business. I believe the author and agent relationship to be very important. I want a long term relationship with my authors, therefore I believe in having a great connection with my authors, and that connection needs to happen from the beginning. I also believe authors need to value their agents, especially if they have a fantastic relationship. 

Okay that's enough babling from me lol! I look forward to your submissions.

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